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the art of altering consciousness

DOPAMINE- Plays a major role in reward-motivated behavior. Every type of reward that has been studied increases the level of dopamine in the brain.

SEROTONIN- Contributor to feelings of well-being and happiness.

I haven’t been completely sober for the last year. Although I am no more subservient to the self-destructive Opiate. I will regretfully admit that I have been drinking Alcohol. And yes, I’m well aware of it’s extremely high potential for abuse and it’s equally destructive attributes. I don’t even like it that much, definitely not my favorite drug, I just have a few glasses of wine to relax after work.  Maybe it’s my personality or it’s in my genes but I cannot deny liking how certain substances not only make me feel but how they make me think. I’d like to traverse through as many realities as possible, getting to know different sides of myself. There are an abundance of ways to alter your state of consciousness; drugs, sex, religion, exercise, sleep, etc. I’m definitely not the only one that finds it enjoyable. As long as there has been humans we have been seeking ways to “get high” or distort our normal thought process. Whether it’s for self-improvement, a search for the divine or just entertainment.

I’ve been especially interested in Psychedelics lately like LSD, Psilocybin Mushrooms, DMT, etc. They’re extremely promising for relieving depression, anxiety, addiction and an incredibly insightful way of exploring your mind. The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is an organization researching psychedelic therapy. Psychedelics are drugs that have legitimate medical use even though the government says they don’t. I’m really looking at drug use in a different way. It may sound cliché or hippy-ish but I want to be more in touch with my creative side, something that I’ve lost because of silly insecurities. I don’t necessarily want to be numb or stoned all the time, I want to experience my emotions through the altercations of my brain chemicals. No more escaping into a drug to avoid my problems, I want to utilize the drug to help me understand and solve my problems, as in a therapy session.  Some drugs help me appreciate life, they’re a learning experience, a tool. We are made of drugs, so when you take more drugs you’re just tweaking the chemicals that are already in your brain. When sober, this is just our perception of reality. The real reality is unknowable. Dennis McKenna says it really well here.

Recently I came across the research chemical or “designer drug” Methoxetamine (MXE) that’s in the Dissociative category.  A  derivative of Ketamine (Special K). At high doses it can be a used as an anesthetic, but at low doses it’s quiet up-lifting and has shown to have anti-depressant like effects. I’m also looking into Psychedelic Tryptamines that are similar to Psilocybin. I’m not suggesting you should go out and get any of these chemicals. There are dangers when taking any substance. Little is known about the health risks of these chemicals. You have to be responsible and educated on what you’re taking. These chemicals are VERY potent, you must be certain you’re taking the correct dose! For now some of these research chemicals are legal and easily accessible. Since the far safer and natural drugs like Psilocybin Mushrooms and Marijuana are illegal we are forced to find other ways of enlightenment. A lot of times research chemicals are sold as something else like LSD. So if you do come in contact with a substance you’re not sure of, be safe and know what you’re taking. Here’s a good website for information and testing kits – Also check out Erowid for trip reports!

I’ll be posting trip reports of my own and be more specific about the effects the drugs I take have on me.


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