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anyone seen my motivation?

I can’t find it anywhere! Today has been especially tough, not that I have tons of stuff to do, I don’t! I could hardly bring myself to write this post. What the hell is wrong with me? I tried working on my story, I lasted 10 minutes, wrote a paragraph. Tried reading, again got through only a paragraph.
I know since I’m recently tackling sobriety it has a lot to do with it. But when will I have some ambition? How long will this last? Will it ever come back? Ok, I know that it will, but along with my motivation I have a severe lack of patience! I even tried searching online for “lack of motivation” to hopefully find a cure, I clicked one link then decided I would try to go to sleep! Phew! I’m exhausted! I need to find the energy to research this, it cannot continue.


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